Pastrami Terms

Navel: This cut of meat is from the short plate part of the steer around the belly area. This is a traditionally a richer piece of meat with distinct layers of fat and lean. This item is best served warm or hot.

1st Cut Brisket: This is an extremely lean product. This is an excellent item for catering as it will be tender and flavorful when served cold.

Round/Flat: The ‘Round’ is an ideal product for a sandwich shop as it’s an easy product
to slice and offers the operator high yield. It is not as traditional a cut as navel or first cut brisket. It can be served warm or cold.


ItemProduct DescriptionPack/Size
10154Oven Smoked Pastrami Brisket First Cut, USDA Choice3/4-6 lb
10157*Oven Smoked Pastrami Brisket, USDA Choice3/7-9 lb
10151Oven Smoked Pastrami Navel6/3-5 lb
10151COven Smoked Pastrami Brisket, 2nd Cut, ISP8/5-8 lb
19150Oven Smoked Pastrami Bottom Round Flat, 20%, Deli Faced2/7-10 lb
16150Deli Host Oven Smoked Pastrami Bottom Round, ISP2/7-10 lb

Cooked Turkey Pastrami

ItemProduct DescriptionPack/Size
10640Turkey Breast Pastrami4/3-4 lb

* Minimum order of 30 cases.